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My Fic List

Welcome to my new fic LJ! I'll be archiving all of my writings here regardless if I've previously posted them at PS, MNFF, or BahFiction. I'll also be posting drabbles and other thing I won't subject to the long queues of external archives. Enjoy!

Every Little Space Once Filled
Dark Spin
Circadia (NEW)

The Passing of the Stand: K’Avra Oristos

What Remains Unspoken

Parallel Reflections
The Promise
The Past

The Strength of Three

Consequence and Redemption
And So It Begins
Spread Thin
Black Robes
A Mother’s Love
A Trio of Charms
GV 711
Reflections of Responsibility
The Scarlet Dragon
Four Sets of Ears
Wizarding Politics and Policies
The Dark Mark and Essence of Dungeon
The Dream Oracle
The Wards and the Wireless
Blood Magic
The Fall of the Fortress
Weasley Red
The Bilanc Trinity

Phoenix Rising: A HP RPG
Dean Thomas
Tavarius Phineas Blunge
Hope Turner


Title: Circadia, Part I
Rating: R
Characters: Bobby, Dean, Sam, and Ruby
Word Count: 3,230
Warnings: language, brother angst
Summary: It’s almost like Sam’s dead all over again. Only this time there isn’t a deal that can undo what he’s done.
Disclaimer: Not mine, the boys, I mean. The words are mine; I take full responsibility for mangling what’s left of their damaged psyches, but Ruby’s not so much. ;)

Dark Spin

Title: Dark Spin
Rating: R
Characters: Dean, Sam, the RED, and the once-Meg-once-Sam demon
Word Count: 7,030
Notes/Warnings: Post “ALBL-2”, Death fic, strong language
Summary: Dean knows there’s a difference between a bird navigating the clear skies of the Kansas prairie and a bird trapped in the placid blue eye of a hurricane. Not all calm is the same. Perception isn’t reality. Sam would’ve understood.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Sam or Dean. I just abduct them and make them slow dance to Chris De Burgh.

Every Little Space Once Filled

Title: Every Little Space Once Filled
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam/Jess
Word Count: 949
Notes/Warnings: SPN Fandom. Set during the Pilot.
Summary: Sam never pulls away, even in sleep, as Jess fills the space around him.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Sam or Dean or any part of the Supernatural universe. Although on Thursday nights, I lure them to my house with the promise of caffeine, sandwiches, and geekboy books where I hold them hostage and make them rub my feet.

She fills the space around him.Collapse )
Title: The House of X (The Passing of the Stand: K’Avra Oristos)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,763
Notes/Warnings: scary things like pissed-off vampires
Summary: “The House held a relic, the only item to ever leave the Island of Ancientos. Many hypothesized about what form this artifact was, but none could ever confirm its true shape, for the House held it close. A theory that could not be verified, but that almost none deny, is that this artifact brought the House Leader power beyond imagination.” – The Rise of X, Book 1, Chapter 3, Page 40.

We will lull them into an easy and careless rule.Collapse )

What Remains Unspoken (Preface)

Title: What Remains Unspoken (Preface)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,660
Notes/Warnings: post-DH, probably AU
Summary: In post-war New Britain, the re-established Ministry is under the control of a malevolent dictator and the once strong Phoenix Fire Alliance, now led by wanted terrorists Granger and Longbottom, has gone underground. After the fall of Voldemort and the Chosen One, Ginny must find her own way. This is where her story, the events that led to the destruction of the Light wizarding world, and an undying love from her past meld.

A lifetime ago I was a different person.Collapse )

Parallel Reflections "The Past"

Title: The Past
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,279
Notes/Warnings: pre-HBP, severe angst
Summary: If you leave the unknown unexplored, you free yourself to imagine what you may in a place where disappointment doesn’t exist.

I wonder if she was waving hello or if she was bidding me goodbye.Collapse )
Title: Chapter 13: Four Sets of Ears
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,716
Notes/Warnings: pre-HBP
Summary: Dumbledore makes decisions regarding Harry’s future.

It is not his duty, but his choice.Collapse )
Title: Chapter 3: Crimson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,234
Notes/Warnings: post-HBP, mention of blood
Summary: Ginny is determined to prove her worth. Ron takes desperate measures. Hermione and Harry fall.

Ginny stepped out into the cold morning with her wand raised, her Bat Bogey Hex on the tip of her tongue.Collapse )
Title: Chapter 12: The Scarlet Dragon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,528
Notes/Warnings: pre-HBP
Summary: It’s September 1st. The journey on the Hogwarts Express is never dull.

Perhaps this was the Ginny and Fred and George had warned him about.Collapse )